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The musicals have been around for a long time and “Shrek” has become a popular Broadway show. But an important aspect of a musical is to stay real and make the audience feel the special atmosphere.

Essay on “Shrek” as a Popular Broadway Show

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The musical “Shrek” is very much different from the animated films and the difference is not a positive one. Shrek wears a costume that is somewhat disproportional. The body seems extremely large, compared to www.sitejabber.com the head and the head itself has a strange form. Also, the general behavior and movement is very unnatural.

The walk does not simulate the way an ogre walks. It is known that the actor is really a person but it is possible to get into the character more and edubirdie.com make it animal like and unfamiliar. The way lines are said and words enunciated, does not represent the comical and sarcastic nature of the ogre.

The character is unnatural due to the way he looks and behaves. Donkey is very much unlike the one people are used to seeing in the film. It is obvious that the person playing donkey tries very hard to be like Eddie Murphy but this is a mistake. The lines seem forced and the actor gets lost, trying to parody another person. This can only be done sarcastically, for comic affect, which would be pointless in a musical.

Also, it seems a major let down that he walks on his back legs, instead like a real donkey. It is understandable that it would be difficult for an actor to accomplish this but it must be as much as the original performance of characters. The dance moves are jagged and separate the character from Donkey even more.

Princess Fiona looks like the original one but the charm and atmosphere is not present. In the film, even when the princess turned into an ogre, there was femininity and pleasantness about her. In the musical, the actress does not look relaxed and does not seem to “believe” that she is Princess Fiona.

The actor must become one with their character, so that the audience believes the performance. When the setting of the stage changes and the dancers come out, their dancing technique is well performed but their faces look very firm. The smiles do not look natural and so, the dance looks like a well practiced stepping routine, instead of a happy celebration. When Prince Charming appears on stage, it is somewhat unexpected.

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The scene is not made to lead into his entrance. His costume is very original but the movements are not smooth. The audience understands that the actor stands on his knees but the effect would be more comical if he was crouching down. He would be freer in his movements and so, the dancing and walking around would be more real. The singing part also needs work.

When he ends with a high pitched sound it is humorous but the majority of signing is loud and should be made less intense. The stage does not transfer over the atmosphere of a castle or a “magical land”. There need to be more decorations and details. Trees, grass and better scenery in a form of drapes or decorations would add to the effect, creating depth and distance. Musicals based on animated films would be acceptable for children but adults are more demanding, expecting a well thought out performance and actor’s play.